Mission Critical Connectivity!

When you need connectivity, when you need dual connections, when you need to keep your business ONLINE, We help make it happen! Our Network Design Technicians bring you the most value!

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Why Choose Ethernet Depot

Your Business is on the Line! We know connectivity, capacity, service limits, geographic territories served and serve you as your connectivity expert, not just the sale.

Ultra Fast?

If Speed (Bandwidth) is identified as your critical need, we can help.

Ultra Reliable?

Dedicated Connectivity versus Best Effort?  Do you know why?

Redundant Connected

In a global business, staying online is essential. One day of downtime costs some offices thousands of dollars.

Concierge Service

Looking for service? We offer Agency Relationship as well as expert guidance to help you choose.

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Dedicated & Broadband

There is a critical difference and reason why for these two terms. We see to it that your business thrives where you need!

Admin & Guest WIFI Connectivity

Protect your admin WiFi and control the Guest WiFi sound familiar? What is your network plan & design? We work you through the potholes!

Connectivity In Remote Places

When connectivity is the goal, we source and we manage with what is available, or we bring it in through experienced procurement.

Work from Home Connectivity

Work from home became popular during the pandemic. Companies were not ready for the shift and were understaffed to handle all the technical shift needs on their connectivity.  We help guide you through.

Mobile Connection Security

It may appear to be a moot point but mobile connectivity, allowing staff and employees to remote connect on mobility, needs management and security properly addressed.

Security Built In Services

Does the typical Internet connection come with proper security for your business need?  Most likely it does not! Do you have an IT Security Team on staff to help you? We help you meet security needs for all of your connectivity.

Experience the magic of technology mastery!

Whether you are in an office high rise or working from home, our service to you is in the mastery of network connectivity. Not just selling or ordering, not just... We serve what you need, whether you need guidance on a Point of Sale Connection with PCI Compliance concerns or Digital Signage draining your bandwidth. We make technology work for your critical business needs!

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